In 2008, I selected and purchased JELD-WEN Impact windows and doors for a new oceanfront residence construction after performing considerable research on hurricane impact products. Cost $73,474.97.

To my surprise, every single JELD-WEN product FAILED Florida State inspection on July 24,2009.  Not a single product was “impact” as required by my construction plan and by the State of Florida.

You would think that JELD-WEN and its Dealer, The Molding Depot, would quickly correct the problem considering they put the lives of my family, neighbors and Floridians at large in a life-threatening situation. 

JELD-WEN and The Molding Depot REFUSE to correct the problem they have collectively created. JELD-WEN’s Senior Corporate Counsel, Mr. Andrew M. Rink, writes:

August 13, 2010
“As I indicated in my July 12, 2010 letter, I am sympathetic to your concerns regarding the impact resistant glass needed for your home although, again, JELD-WEN manufactured the windows and doors as ordered.”  (By their Dealer, The Molding Depot)

July 9, 2010
We do also understand your need for impact windows and as a gesture of goodwill, we would be willing to provide replacement windows at a substantial discount from our dealer list price.” 
JELD-WEN and The Molding Depot prefer to pay their lawyers to defend their repulsive conduct instead of correcting the life-threatening situation they collectively created at my residence. 

Hurricane Categories:
Category 1 =   74-  95 MPH
Category 2 =   96-110 MPH
Category 3 = 111-130 MPH
Category 4 = 131-155 MPH
Category 5 = 155+ MPH 
 Hurricane IKE in 2008, was the third-costliest hurricane ever to  
 make landfall in the United States.